Celebrating our 90th Anniversary

At our meeting on Thursday 18th April 2019, the current lodge members gathered for a photograph to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the consecration of Miles Coverdale Lodge, which was on 9th April 1929.

The members on our 90th Anniversary


It was in 1928 that Torbay Lodge No. 1358 considered the creation of its first daughter Lodge. The Lodge minutes of 29th May that year detail the following proposal:

New Lodge: The Proposition: That Lodge recommends and supports the petition to form a new Lodge for Paignton was unanimously adopted on being proposed by W. Bro. Hayden Crawford and seconded by W. Bro. C. Wilton. The petition was signed by the Master, Senior, and Junior Wardens.

The ceremony of consecration on 9th April 1929 at Torquay Town Hall was attended by some four hundred Masons and was covered in the 11th April 1929 edition of the “Paignton Observer and Echo” (the cutting of which appears in the lodge's first minute book), which read:

Paignton’s new Masonic Lodge: Consecrated at Torquay on Tuesday. Impressive and largely attended ceremony ... The undoubted need for this new Lodge in Paignton is a further testimony to Paignton's rapid growth.

The Consecration ceremony was presided over by Rt. W. Bro. Sir Henry Lopes, Bart., the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Devonshire (later Baron Roborough of Maristow). After the Invocation and Dedication ceremonies, V. W. Bro. John Stocker, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the Installing Officer, placed Bro. H. G. White in the Master's chair. Following the Consecration ceremony the Officers of the lodge were appointed and invested, two candidates were initiated and nine brethren balloted for as joining members.


Appropriately we were joined in celebration at the meeting on Thursday 18th April 2019, by the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Will Godfrey and Brethren of our Mother Lodge Torbay No. 1358 and Visiting Grand Officer, W. Bro John Sevieri.

Celebrating our 90th Anniversary with our Mother Lodge Torbay Lodge No. 1358 and Visiting Grand Officer, W. Bro John Sevieri.


 The Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Paul O'Connell is currently writing the 90 year history of the Lodge.

Photographs by W. Bro. Robert Ware

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